Monday, July 1, 2013

On to Imala, Sinaloa, Mexico

I joined a group of locals along with myself and two other foreigners on a tour to the magical Puebla of Imala. Our tour began at 8:00 a.m. from the Wal-mart parking lot in Mazatlan. We traveled the toll road to Culiacan before turning towards Imala and entering the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains.
 Our tour guides Francilla and Laura, also owners of the company Sinaloa Adventures provided for our comfort with an air conditioned bus, and narration to Imala.
 The site of Imala was discovered in 1531 by Spanish conquistadors exploring the Tamzula river.  At the time the site was occupied by an Indian village.
As we approach the municipal of Imala, which is under the administration of Culiacan, the steeples of the beautiful church can be seen magically in front of the Sierra Madres.
 The Church built in 1837, is the center of the municipal directly across from the plaza. In addition, to the Church the municipal had one operating restaurant and one small store. Today some Imala homes still have circular bread overns located outside their home.  The village is known for it's bread and chilorio (sausage similar to chorizo.
A restoration project on the Church took place after 2010.

Augas Termales (Hot Springs)

 Located in the village of Imala is the park containing the hot springs.  
Activities and facilities of the park are connected with a series of sidewalks and trails.

 The park has pavilions, picnic tables, bath house, restaurants, a spa and cabins in the park.
This restaurant where I had lunch is just outside of the park with access by a gate.  The seating is primitive however I dined in style seated in the pink chair at the table.
Imala is also know for it's tamales.  For lunch I enjoyed the tamales made on the cinder block stove.  The pork tamales also included calabaza and potato.
 The park includes four sulfur pools fed by a natural spring.
I enjoyed the hot springs of this pool is about 122F degrees.  The sides of this pool are concrete but the floor of the pool is natural rock in different sizes from small to very large. The magical pool are believed by the locals to have healing properties.

Enjoying New Friendships

After enjoying the facilities in the park, I along with three new friends, left the park back to Imala before the rest of our group.  We went to the store in Imala purchased some beer and then to the Imala restaurant to enjoy the beer along with some tacos, while we waited for the rest of our group and the return to Mazatlan.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Luna Palace Hotel & Suites Beautiful Garden

Luna Palace is located in Sabalo Country near our condo.  During this trip since our condo is rented we stayed different places within the city.  All of the rooms are located to offer a great view of the ocean and the pool.  Luna Palace offers both Junior and One Bedroom Suites.  All of the suites include a kitchenette complete with refrigerator, cook stove, microwave, coffee pot, toaster, plates, silverware and pans.  The one bedroom suites have two bathrooms.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Approaching Mardi Gras 2013

Mazatlan has gone all out to produce the Mardi Gras celebration of Carnaval since 1898.  Mazatlan's Carnival is a six day celebration with live music folklore, dance entertainment and traditional costumes.  The Mazatlan Carnival is the third largest in the world and this year Mazatlan will host a delegation from Rio de Janeiro. The 2013 Carnival theme is La Linterna Mágica or The Magic Lantern. The street along the ocean Avenida del Mar, is lined with colored lights above the street and the accenting malecon or board walk stands statues of famous movie stars both from the United States and Mexico. My favorite is Marilyn Monroe.









Friday, February 1, 2013

Quality Inn - Good Value

The Quality Inn of Mazatlan is located on the corner adjacent to Christie's restaurant and across the street from Playa Mazatlan.  It is now on the beach but a nice hotel with good value for your dollar.  The rooms are spacious and offer Internet in each room and does not cost you extra. The beds are very firm but comfortable constructed in typical Mexican fashion with a concrete slab about 8" high for the mattress to rest on.  Your price includes breakfast which changes from day to day.  Some days may have scrambled eggs while other days may have waffles.  Everyday includes fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt, juice and coffee.  If you have a vehicle with you there is also secured parking.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cal Jet Air Arrives in Mazatlan to Warm Welcome

The first flight from Los Angeles to Mazatlan on Cal Jet Air arrived Thursday, January 10.  The passengers were eagerly greeted by tourist representatives of the city.  Cal Jet Air is now providing opportunities for travel to Mazatlan from two Texas airport, San Antonio and Houston.  The neat thing about the flight from San Antonio, is that they do not depart San Antonio until 5 p.m. which allows you to drive to San Antonio, board the plane and be in Mazatlan within a couple of hours.  Cal Jet Air is offering some value packages that offer air fare, hotel, meals and drinks, plus more.  For more information about trips on Cal Jet Air visit their web page:
Just think, you could be relaxing on this beach tomorrow. 

Casa del Campesino

Casa del Campesino is comparable to an old fashioned hardware store of the 1950s in the U.S.  The translation of the name is the store or house of the manual worker or agricultural workers.  La Casa Del Campesino is located on Zaragosa in el centro or the downtown are of the the city.
It is a popular store with persons in Mazatlan shopping for items to work on the house. People from the country side around Mazatlan shop La Casa Del Campesino as a primary place to purchase things needed for their home or ranch. I made a visit last week to the store to purchase a chemical to get rid of and ant problem in the kitchen.
You never know what you may find in this store.

Los Cunados

Los Cunados is the equivalent of a farm and ranch store in the U.S.  The name means "the buddies."  The store is located near the central bus station in the heart of the city.
They have your farm implements, hand tools, chemicals, wire and rustic furniture. In addition, they have beautiful saddles and horse blankets.
You can also find your favorite hats, caps and sandals that are made in the store. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mazatlan, Mexico is Safe

Mazatlan, Mexico is very safe.  I have been robbed in New York City by not in Mazatlan.  New York City had 414 murders in 2012 and are proud of this number because it is the least murders in 50 years.  From my stand point you are much more likely to be shot in New York City, Chicago, Detroit or New Orleans than Mazatlan unless you are part of the narco cartels, buy drugs or committing a robbery.  There are problems in Mazatlan but the people killed fit these categories.
Come on down.  The weather is  great, the people are friendly and the food is delicious.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's In Mazatlan

Mexico is very festive and always ready for a party with family or friends during the holiday season.  The season starts about December 14 with different parties with family and/or friends through December 24.  During this period we had a small party at our house with friends and then attended a party with extended family December 24.  New year events are all over the city in Mazatlan at local homes and many of the resorts and restaurants.  The last two years we have been able to enjoy the New Year at La Palapa del Mar Restaurant in Mazatlan.  The restaurant provides a good meal, good music for dancing and drinks of you choice, along with champagne at midnight.
We were luckily enough to be surrounded with family and friends for our new years event.  Our event was enjoyed by all that were present.

Tony Acuna Shop

Tony Acuna Shop is a great place to look for traditional styled Mexican clothing such as embroidered dresses, blouses and men's wedding shirts.  The shop is owned by Lolita and Tony Acuna who have been in the business since 1930.  Their shop is located in the main market, Mercado Pino Saurez in el centro or the center of town.  Their clothing is of the best quality and their prices are reasonable.  Tony is a professional wrestler and travels in the U.S.  Both speak excellent English.  When in Mazatlan visit the Tony Acuna Shop for comfortable and beautiful clothing.